Illuminox Prime

The problem with using tubes in a modern Eurorack synth is their power needs: lots of current for the heaters, and lots of voltage for the plates to get good signal to noise ratio. Normally you end up with a clunky, space-hogging power supply.

The Illuminox is Epicycloid's tube power module. By intelligently managing tube startup, it helps preserve the life of the tubes (it's not like anyone's making more of the weird ones we use). It also uses high frequency transformer technology to avoid both the hazards of high voltage DC wiring and the bulk and cost of individual 200V supplies.

Illuminox Prime front panel Illuminox Prime side view



  • External 15 V, 65 W power supply included
  • AC line 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • 4 output connectors


4 hp

Max depth

80 mm including cables

Further reading

PDF manual