About Us

Based in Pasadena, CA, we're focused on making cool sounds and solid hardware. Our goal is to build the gear that should exist but that nobody's stepped forward to make.

The obligatory origin story

Our synth business got started in our spare time, thanks to an unexpected box of NOS tubes – it seemed like there had to be something interesting to be done with them. As soon as the first 6ME8 was on its breadboard, it was obvious there was something there that would be a great addition to the ecosystem of semiconductor based modules. It wasn't too long before we shrank the circuit down to fit in a Eurorack. Voluptron soon followed, followed by the actual Voluptron design (the name came first – having thought of the name, how could we not then build something worthy of it?)

We've spent a lot of time with high voltage DC systems in electric vehicles, so it was obvious that the voltages needed to make tubes really work well (especially in a ladder design like the Voluptron) were not something that should be on cables running around inside a rig. DC arcs are no joke. So, after much fiddling, we came up with the architecture for the Illuminox Prime, producing high voltage only where it's needed and keeping EMI (aka switching noise) under control.

And now...

We're just hitting the market, so we're interested in adding distribution channels and more products. If there's something that you need in your rig but you just can't find anywhere — let us know!