Turbo Entubulator

The Entubulator is a sort of polymorphic vacuum tube module. Because it's built around a beam deflection tube, it's effectively an analog multiplier and a saturable tube amp at the same time. All the tube's inputs are accessible so you effectively have arbitrary circuit topology. Anything can be an audio input, a CV input, or a constant. As at zombo.com, the only limit is yourself.

The Entubulator, at its simplest, can be a VCA with tube distortion — just put audio into the control grid, like a regular tube amp, and CV into the deflector offset. It's also possible to multiply a signal by itself, creating a complex range of harmonics, or multiply two different notes together, which makes a different character of sound for every interval. Most importantly, it's easy to set up to operate away from the linear region of the tube, making a parametric wave folder.


Two Entubulators connected together have been observed to self-oscillate at audio frequencies in a highly unpredictable manner. We accept no liability in the event of Entubulator inception.

Entubulator front panel with tube installed Entubulator side view


Power budget

  • +12V: 60 mA
  • -12V: 60 mA
  • One Illuminox Prime connection for plate and heater


15 hp

Max depth

41 mm

Tube supplied

One 6AR8, 6JH8, or 6ME8 (specify if you want a particular one)

Tubes compatible

  • 6AR8
  • 6JH8
  • 6ME8


Further reading

PDF manual

Mini demo video

Perfect Circuit demo